Volunteer Shifts that need filliing -

Volunteer shifts that need filling for BunkFest

We still have lots of vacant slots for various roles, If you would like to volunteer please register now via this link, if you are already registered volunteer, g
et in touch using this link or email volunteers@bunkfest.co.uk 

BunkFest Build 

Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday 


Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday

Car Parking at Millington Rd

9pm - 12pm Friday, Saturday and Sunday


12pm to 2pm Sunday

4pm to 6pm Saturday an Sunday

6pm - 8pm Friday, Saturday and Sunday

8pm - 10pm Friday, Saturday and Sunday

Litter picking

8pm - 10pm Friday and Saturday

4pm - 6pm Sunday

7am to 9am Monday

Waste bin management

4pm - 5pm Saturday and Sunday

6pm - 7pm Friday, Saturday and Sunday

10pm - 11pm Friday, Saturday and Sunday

Working the Bar serving drinks

5pm- 8pm and 8pm- 11pm Saturday

6pm-9pm Sunday

Working the Main Stage Bar serving drinks

11am- 2pm and 5pm to 5pm and 8pm to 11pm Saturday

12pm to 3pm and 3pm to 6pm and 9pm to 10.30pm Sunday

Glass and Wine Sellers

5pm to 8pm and 8pm to 11pm Saturday

6pm to 9pm & 9pm to 10.30pm Sunday

Please, Please, Please avoid changing your shifts a week before the event, however contact us asap if your circumstances change
, use the link below or email volunteers@bunkfest.co.uk.

Know someone who might volunteer? click here


Stay Jammy.

The Volunteer Team